Everybody else does it, so I figured, “What the heck?”

My wife, Carolyn, and I, 1964

Short Biography

Born in 1939, lived, still kicking.

Slightly Longer Biography

Early Years

Programming used to be a job, now it looks like a cult.

Unsplash.com Danial Igdery

For starters, let me tell you I was a programmer for quite a long spell. The first time I ever heard of a programmer was when I was in the USAF, about 1959 or 1960, and it sounded like a really boring job. Later, in the late 1960s, I sort…

An old song and Pat Boone is an old man. But the song is older than Pat Boone.

Unsplash.com Jamie Street

I may be old but I am not a complete fool. I understand that things change. Taste in fashion, taste in music, taste in many things.

But I believe that because of some changes in the past few decades, we have lost something we may never regain, romance.

You know…

There are those who know much less than they believe they know.

Unsplash.com Damir Spanic

I love to play cards.

Poker is my favorite game but I haven’t played for years. There are a few reasons for this. I don’t like the new games. Share cards and wild cards just don’t appeal to me. I like plain old stud and draw, and not that dumb…

Being discriminating can be either good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

unsplash.com Naassom Azevedo

What I Am NOT Talking About

You know, there are those who thrive on hate. Some hate Blacks. Some hate Whites. Some hate Jews. Some hate Christians. You name it and somebody hates it.

I possess no tolerance for a man who hates large groups based only on, for example, race or religion.

That type of…

Is skin color diversity racist?

Unsplash.com Nathan Dumlao

The Current Social Climate

You know, Martin Luther King is hailed a hero by Black Americans and Liberals. And, something Liberals like to play down, King has great respect from a large number of Conservatives.

The funny and also sad part is, in today’s climate King gains Liberal and Black Leaders scorn. Why? Because…

If a watched pot never boils, then keep looking at it.

unsplash.com Todd Trapani

It happened like this. (Embarrassing but true.)

In 1968, my wife, Carolyn, and I made our first big purchase, a house.

All the papers were signed and we were as happy as larks. At least until late evening.

The children were asleep and Carolyn and I were talking about how…

This one is pathetic.

Unsplash.com Mike Dorner

I think that the first time I heard this joke, I was about 15. That’s a couple or so years ago.

Now, this joke isn’t really that funny. But my problem is, I have never been able to tell it without starting to laugh before I can give the punch…

A story about honor, adventure, romance, and the Old West.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_and_insignia_of_the_Confederate_States#/media/File:Confederate_States_of_America_Colonel-Infantry.svg Public Domain

If you wish to see Chapter 1, clink this link:


H.D. Ingles Copyright © 2021

A Cattle Baron

The cattle drive of 1869 was very successful.

Jim said, Maggie, my darlin’, we have a lot of cash. I think it is time for the ranch to grow a little.”

“What do you…

Do our Members of Congress have reading and comprehension skills far greater than mere mortals?

Unsplash.com Annie Spratt

The Democratic Party wishes to pass a 3.5 trillion dollar Congressional bill. Truth is, it is probably closer to 5 trillion. That’s a bit of money.

Now, I saw a photograph of a senator holding the thing, i.e., bill. …

H.D. Ingles

Born 1939. - Widowed - Retired - USAF veteran, 1958–1962. - NC State University graduate. - Have some books on Amazon. HDIngles.com

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